Make a simple slice of pizza into a gourmet one.

Here is how to do it ...

       Let's  just say that you have a pizza;  it can be leftover,  new or frozen,  but already cooked.  Preheat your oven,  or toaster oven,  to 400 degrees.  Place your pizza slices onto a tray,  plate or other such related object.  

       Gather the following items to be used,  and placed,  on the tray before you add in the pizza slices:

        Extra virigin olive oil (or the oil of your choice) and put an ounce of it on the tray,  along with the same amount of lemon juice,  a pink of pink salt,  shake of red pepper flacks and a like amount of honey.

       Stir the contents therein and spread out over the tray.  Place your pizza into the over for 5 to 7 minutes after adding in any additional toppings,  such as chesse(s) and or meat(s).

       The oven ,  or other such heat source,  will begin to smoke due to the additional liquid within it.  Simply turn on a fan before placing this into the oven as well as opening up the needed nearby windows. 

       This Group is now accepting payments for memebership via physical mail;  we will also be replying to any documents sent to use within 7-10 business days.  Please join us at a forth coming event soon.

       Enjoy your meal!


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A Quick, and easy, drink.

Try this for a change of pace.

       If you drink soda,  regularly,  then you might want to get a slightly different drink into your diet.  Mixing a quick drink is rather easy;  simply uase 1 part tonic water to 1 part juice.  You might even wish to add in an ounce of lemon or lime juice with a dash of salt and red pepper flakes.

       What do you have at home that sounds good to mix together?

        Thank you for reading this post.

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Ask For This Drink When Attending One of Our Events!

A Mixed White Wine Beverage For The Members of Go To Events Now, or GTENer's.

     We have eaten out at many different establishments in our lives.  Water, Soda, Tea, Coffee, Beer,  Wine and Mixed drinks / Cocktails.  When was the last time that your social Group had it's very own drink?

     Here it is,  for you to try and enjoy:

     1 Part Tonic Water

     1 Part Green Tea.

     1 Part Coconut Water.

     2 Parts White Wine,  Sparking Wine or Champange.  

     Dash of nonwhite sale.

     Pour of extra virgin olive oil or other such oil.

     1 Ice Cube.

     * Optional:  dash of crushed red pepper and a sugar cube.

     This is not our only drink for the Group;  want to know what the others are?  Keep Reading!


     Thank for reading this posting.

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A New Way To Flavor Your Coffee ...

What do you add in to your coffee?

If you are much like most people cream,  or creamer,  sugar and little else is added in.  That really is to bad since there are so many other flavors that you might be enjoying.  You might be interesting in trying the following items that you may even have close at hand to better flavor it.

Try using a mason jar and placing an equal amount of peanut butter,  cookie  or almond butter within along with an equal amount of water.  Cream,  or creamer,  may also be used herein.

Then simply place it into the microwave for about 30 seconds or so and stir until the solution is consistant.

Give this a try and see what else you might want to add in to your coffee.

Have a great day.

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Our next events will be 07/11; 07/24; 08/17 & 09/04 for 18 Tips and Blogging in San Diego

A quick look at our events as posted on the "Events with us!" page.

July the 11th:  A quick Meet, Greet and Eat event in downtown San Diego off of F and 5th street at the retro burger place on the corner followed by a quick walk to F and 6 th street for some retro arcade fun afterwards.  Event starts at 6 PM and ends at 9 PM.

July the 24th:  Movie Night at the mall in Mission Valley.  An opportunity for the movie buffs to attend an event together.  What will you be seeing?  Event begins at 6 PM and the gathering portion will end at 8 PM.

August 17th ( a Friday):  Game Night!  Board,  card and other types of group play will bethe focus for the evenings entertainment.  Event will start at 6 PM and end by 9 PM.  Bring along a game!

September the 4th ( the first Tuesday in September):  Networking.  Details to follow as well as location.  Please stay posted.  Event is from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Please review the "Events with us! page for any additiional details. 

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Dessert Noodles ... YYYYUUUMMMMYYY

     If you are just learning to cook,  or even if you already know how to,  you might want to try this very simple dish.  Most of the items should be at hand,  with no need to purchase any of the items in most cases.  Try to make this treat a few times;  you might want to further modify it more to your likely after the first attempt:

     1 pound of noodles;  any type,  shape and they may be cooked or uncooked,  as you wish.

     If uncooked use 3 cups of water to cook in a large sauce pan;  allow for most of the liquid to be consumed before proceeding.

     Add in 2 ounces of Honey;  white wine and a bit of none white salt and crushed red pepper.  Stir until evenly combined and allow to cool on low heat for about 10 minutes or so.


     Thank you for reading this posting.

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New Blog! 04/14/2018

Do You Know How To Loaf?

     This blog is under the impression that you already know what to use in the kitchen;  use the correct pots,  pans and other such related items for the purpose of this posting.  

     Use the following to  create a chicken loaf,  or chickenballs,  if you so wish to do so:

     1 pound of ground chicken.

     I cup of baby carrots cut into small pieces.

     4 strips of bacon,  cut into small pieces.

     1/2 cup of feta cheese.

     1/2 white wine.

     1/4 cup of lime juice.

     Teaspoonful of crushed red pepper.

     An ounce of honey.

     Pink salt and liquid smoke for flavor.

     Preheat the oven to 350 degrees;  this will allow for the loaf,  or balls,  to cook more quickly.  you may even want to use the cupcake pan in order to better proportion this mixer of food more properly.  

     the loaf will take about 45 minutes,  or so,  to fully cook.  The calls,  or cupcake sized servings,  will take from 20 to 25 minutes depending upon the amount that each contains.

     Thank you for reading this posting.

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     04/14/2018. How to Cook and Fun Local Events in San Diego

New Blog! 04/13/2018

Mixology: Drink of the Day ...

     Currently this drink has no name;  that may change over time.

     The concept is very simple: 


     Most people only drink the same drink frequently.  Why not change your drink every now and then?

     Here is the suggested drink for you to try:

     Coconut water.

     Green tea.

     Tonic water.

     Orange juice.

      Use an equal portion of these ingredients;  then add in an ounce of lime juice as well as an equal amount of simple syrup made from honey,  water and a bit of red pepper.

     This drink is best when it is chilled.

     Thank you for reading this post.

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New Blog! 04/08/2018

Dessert Carrots and Apple Slices ....

Dessert Carrots and Apple Slices.

     With the average meal being just that,  average,  you might wish to focus on improving your flavors.  With the normal spices being salt, pepper and butter,  this leaves out many other such flavor combinations,  leaving you with blander options.  With most people ignoring vegetables and fruit,  on their plate,  try to add these into your diet about once a week,  or so.  You might find that your tastes will be drawn towards other flavors,  since you have realized that you can make this change whenever you want to.

Dessert Carrots:

1 pound of baby,  or cut,  carrots.

1/2 tablespoonful of butter.

3/4 cup of white wine.

1/4 cup of brown sugar.

1 tablespoonful of bacon grease.

1 teaspoonful of non white salt.

1 teaspoonful of bacon grease.

1 tablespoonful of powered cloves.

Dessert Apple Slices:

1 pound of apple slices;  shaved and cored.

1/2 tablespoonful of butter.

3/4 cup of brandy or white wine.

1/4 cup of brown sugar.

1 tablespoonful of bacon grease.

1 teaspoonful of non white salt.

1 teaspoonful of bacon grease.

1 teaspoonful of powered cloves.

     With both of the aforementioned dishes being offered,  you might want to make them together,  to further ensure you ability to more fully enjoy your meal.  Be sure to retain the liquid,  from each,  for you to use to flavor another dish,  or drink,  such as rich,  beans,  juices,  water and teas.

Thank you for reading this post.

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