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     This page is meant for those of you who wish to contact the Group  in regards to further promoting your business,  good(s),  service(s) or  other such item(s) to the Group.  This will be visible online to the  general public;  you will need to contact the Group in order to meet  with a representative to discuss the cost(s) of advertising as well as  for the length of time you wish to do so.  Rates are reasonable and each  such posting will contain a begin and end date;  we will not be posting  links nor any sought of “limited run” promotions.  * Should this text  appear to be in GREY it has expired;  you cannot hold the source of for  it accountable since the time frame has pasted*.

     Each Deal must contain a means to use it;  for instance if you have  a “code” to use it must be placed within the posting.  No form of  “redirection” will be used with this site.  We will not be using video  content(s) nor images;  simply text.  The following are several examples  of deals to be found herein:

    1) You have just finished publishing a written work of some type and wish  to obtain additional traffic in regards to it;  say a signing Event.   After meeting with the Groups representative,  providing them with a  copy(ies) of it they agree to promote your signing.

    2) You have a service that needs to gain some attention,  such as a  physical service,  be it repair,  business related or even something  such as being a dog walker.  The representative meets with you and  decides to post your information on the site.  Again it will have a  beginning date and an end date.  We will only be using text to promote  you.

    3) You wish to have a speaking Event about something.  The representative has meet you and agreed to post said Event.

     Although this seems as if you might be gaining an additional Event  out of this site think about the benefits of gaining access to some  basic information that you would not have otherwise had.  Even if the  bit of information obtain is simply a new locations to dine at,  enjoy a  happy hour,  contact a handy person a bit more easily or something of a  similar nature.  The goal herein is to further assist others in  promoting their lively hood since there are so few ways to do so online  at a reasonable cost.

     Again I would suggest that those who wish to use this page have a  physical address or Post Office Box to be contacted at to further ensure  their ability to be contacted,  to meet with possible customers,   clients and new sources for whatever they decide to draw traffic to.

Thank You For Reading This Page.

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