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       The purpose of Go To Events Now,  as located within San Diego,  California is to provide live and physical events in various locations about the county of San Diego.  Each event is meant to have members,  and others,  attend in hopes of them becoming members.  A fee of $48 is asked for the annual memrship.  Currently this site is working towards offering discouned membership for those are seeking a discount;  please be advised that the communication process takes time.  This site will be used for a varity ofvents;  each event will have a seporate "grouping".

       If you are looing to join one of these groups pase understand that each group will have a different email account.  Said groups that are being worked on will consist of:  A Mixer Group (for happy hours and socializly);  Movie Group (to see new releases and to have a bite before the viewing of your choice);  a Networking Group (which will be meant for professionals and those seeking employment opportunities);  and a Singles Group (this group will be meant for 30s, 40s and 50s in a low pressure setting).

      Thise site will not be sharing our contact lists with others;  no additional promotions of other events will be included.  This site will contaitn inks for sponsors and some advertisings for a number of bussness who wish to do so.  The goal if the se is accept the least amount of informatin from those who visit it and who use it.  

       The site and related events will have no liabilty linked to them.  If you have an issue,  matter or concern please make coact in written form to: Go To Events Now,  Post Office Box 210692,  Chula Vista, caliofnira 91921-0692. U.S.A.   In most cases the goal will be to resolve any such communications within 90 days time.  

       Please follow this outline to resolve:  One (1)- thirty (30) days time. Make a gernal statement,  with related details and notations and provide said communications.  Please retain a copy for your records.  Await a treply.  Thirty-one (31)-sixty (60) days time:  Feel free to contact the San Diego Chamber of Commerce with said documentation;  please be complete with related paperwork provided to that point and time.  Await replies.  Sixty-one(61)-ninety (90):  Contact,  if you need to,  the Better Business Bureau in San Diego , Clifonria with related documentations.  Await a reply.

       This site is meant for those who are over 21 years of age;  please be advised that the events are geared for adults and for those who wish to interact with others,  enjoy an event and to enjoy whatever GRoup(s) they have decided to be a part off.

       The goal of this site is to bring others together to attend events.  The cost of each event,  if any,  will be as low as possible to rease attendance.  A higher cost event of a like or similar nature is not nessicarily a better event,  evening or outing.  Please use your best judgement whenever at an outing.  

       This site is meant for those witin San Diego, California.  There are currently no plans to expand beyond these borders for the purpose of memberships and events.

       Updated on 03/04/2019.

       Go To Events Now.