Members of Go To Events Now in San Diego will enjoy frequent events.

Members Information

     If you decide to become a Member of our Group you will be given access to our Events for a year’s time from the date that you join.  As a Member the focus will be for you to join us at as many different physical Events throughout the year as you are able to.   As such you will be required to appear at them,  since the Membership Fee covers the cost of being a Member,  but not the cost of the Event(s).  

     There will be several free events in a years time as well.

      Every Members needs to "RSVP",  and to make "Payments",  for each and every Event that they wish to attend.  This can be accomplished at the top,  and bottom,  of the "Events with us" page.  *** Not every Event Requires "Payment",  but every Event does require for you to "RSVP" to each.


     We also suggest that you use a Post Office Box as opposed to a physical address should you wish to obtain mail from us.  We are seeking for you to click on the "RSVP" feature,  which is located at the top of the "events with us" page to attend an Event.  This will allow for the Group to contact you so that a reminder can be sent to you.

  Events will range in cost from FREE, $5,  $10,  $15 or $20 each;  a guest may be included at the same rate;  you will be given two (2) Tokens per year that you may use for a FREE Event up to a  $10 value or to have a guest attend for free up to that amount.  Other costs for Events may also arise.

     The Events themselves will also have a fee;  if you will be joining us for a dining out event you will be required to pay for your meal as well as other such costs.  The Events will be geared to work with the venue(s);  attempts will be made in order to include a package deal that includes tax and tips for everyone’s convenience.  Please be sure to thank the venue(s) and  location(s) as well as those who are serving you;  be sure to tip them when it is the norm to do so.

     It is agreed by every Member that they will abide by the following Code of Conduct if they do decide to join;  this also applies to a Guest(s) of a  Members as well:

     You will be well spoken;  respectful of those about you and engage in dialogue that is none offensive.  You will also maintain a positive body language and not seek to offend those at the event(s),  venue(s),  location(s) nor the event host(s) themselves.  You will be held accountable by those about you and to whom you interact with.

     It should be noted,  herein,  that we accept no liabilities for the actions,  deeds,  verbal exchanges or confrontations that may arise at any given Event(s).  We will not be  held liable for any accidents,  forms of harm nor other such negative instances that were not caused by the Event(s);  this includes traveling to and from said Event(s) as well as consumption of any form of edible.

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Updated on 03/20/2018;  04/05/2018.

Our First Event For July 2018 Will Be ...

     ... a mixer,  so that Members can meet with one another and to enjoy the venue.  Details will be forth coming.  Please be patient;  it takes a fair amount of work to bring each to life.

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Updated on 03/22/2018

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Go To Events Now in San Diego 

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Are you interested in joining a Group that is not on other forms of social medi

     We ask for you to join this "semi-private" Group in order to enjoy a wide verity of Events throughout the year.  The purpose of this Group is to have activities to look forward to every month.  Although the Group will not be using "private" venues,  we will make every attempt to ensure that our Event(s) will be well prepared for each.

     As such it is important for you to RSVP,  in advance,  as far as possible on the "Events with us!" page.

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