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How Well Do You Appear on Your Business Card?

How Important is Your Information?

     If you have business cards,  or other such items,  you want those that you provide them to be able to use the information correctly.  Keep in mind that what you have on a given publication,  linking back to you business, needs to be useful,  helpful,  correct and for those who have them to link your name,  or logo,  to your industry.  

     Your name,  a means to contact you as well as a bit about your business,  services and/or goods,  needs to stand out.  You should only provide business related information,  not personal information.  This can cause conflicts should you provide said information to the wrong,  or to many,  sources.  

     As such keep in mind that business sources should contain the name of the business,  not free email systems.  A good business contact has their domain name,  or business name,  within their email addresses.  You should also know the difference between a .com,  .org and .net.  Each must adhere to a given set of rules and regulations.

     If a link is used make sure that it is not "code-shortening";  a website link should be complete,  not simply the name of it as well as "dot" something.  The use of "Upper" and "lower" Case Letters within it is important to avoid;  the use of lowercase letters is the correct means to communicate this information to those who use it.

     The use of the front,  back and card stock paper is suggested as well.  Colors,  graphics and a slogan are also a good means to convey a bit about the sources of the business.  Keep in mind that you should be able to be able to use the same card for a length of time without having to adjust the information therein.

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     Thank you for making your payment online for any given event.  It should be noted that accepting funds of any type at the Event will require paperwork to be processed. If possible please make your payment(s) prior to attending said event(s) with the Group


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