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    *** For every new RSVP you will earn a free copy of "How To better Prepare For An event".  These 24 pages of documents will be yours for free until 08/24/2018. ***

     Join us at an event by RSVPing for them here. Please RSVP for each event.  This will cut down the number of emails that you will have from this source. 

     Please be sure to include the Title and Date of the event in your communications with the Group.

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Events That Will Be Forthcoming For Our Members ...

A few of the forth coming events for you to plan for ...

     *** To "RSVP" for an event please use the "RSVP" feature located at the top of this page. ***

     January:  Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchanges;  we will also be working the details for a Pre-Valentine's Day event.

     February:  Post Valentine's Day event;  a themed dinning out event will also be forth coming.

     March:  A quarterly Networking event begins here;  June, September and late in November will be the other months to watch for this event.  

     April:  A movie event,  as of yet to be named,  every quarter;  the others months will be July,  October and January.

     May:  A general mixer for us to enjoy at a venue that offers good food and other such amenities. 

     June:  Writer's,  Publisher's,  Graphic Designer's and other who relate to these fields are invited to come out and meet others who contribute to the area of "creative content".  A speaker will be present to discuss some of the finer points of these areas.

     July:  A Tasting and Pairing event to better stimulate your taste bud's with;  the details will be worked out for a flat fee that will include taxes,  tip and other such related charges to ensure that you can fully enjoy the fare.   On the 24th will be a movie event located in central San Deigo off of the 8 ffreeway at the mall in Mission Valley.  

     August:  Game Night;  be ready to enjoy new and interesting games;  bring along your favorite and we may just play them! 

     September:  Join us at an open air / farmers market;  we will be searching for the best of these in our county prior to the event!  The networking event for this month will be focusing on those who want to gain new traffic,  clients,  offer discounts and to work with new businesses in some way.  Please be prepared with documentation and paperwork to be given out;  additional details to follow.

          October:  Book club!  Feel free to make suggestions on a book that you feel the Group may wish to enjoy at an event;  details to follow as the month draws closer. 

     November:  Our quarterly Networking event this month will be focusing on new businesses;  those that are five years old,  or less.  Be ready to assist those at the event with what you have learned along the way.  An additional event may also be forth coming as well. 

     December:  December is normally a very business month;  any events that might take place herein will occur early in the month.  Stay tuned for any details that might be forthcoming. 

               Additional details to follow!

     As posted on 03/11/2018;  updates to follow, a needed.

     *** To send payment for an Event please use the feature at the bottom of this page. ***

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Our First Event as a Group Will be in Downtown San Diego on Wednesday July the 11th 2018

     This event will be an open mixer;  the goal is to meet for a meal and then to have a form of entertainment open to those who wish to make a short walk to the next venue.

     This event will be open to the general public;  our goal is to have this be a "Meet,  Greet and Eat" style event.

     The first location,  from 6 PM to 8 PM  will be at the corner of F and Fifth downtown.  Simply pop into the retro style Burger place and walk into the large open bar area in fron of you.  Look for signs and others as well.

     The next stop will be one street up on F and 6th at the location that has retro style video games and food.  It is rather difficult to miss.  This will take place at from 8 PM to 9 PM.

     This event will start at 6pm and end at 9 pm.

     Wear something blue to the event so that the group may more readily greet you as well as to interact with each other. 

     Name tags will be handed out at the first venue.

     The goal of this Group is to build it's members base;  as such we are are charging a fee to be a part of it.

      Thank you.

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     The cost for this event will be:  FREE.

      Please join the Group.


     As updated on 07/06/2018.

Tuesday July the 24th will be Movie Night.

We will be meeting in the Mission Valley mall off of the 8 freeway starting at 6 PM

     The Group will be at the patio area of Outback.  Please be sure to ask for your own receipt,  tip your server and to look over what ever movie you might want to see.  The theater is a very short walk from there.  The Group will plan to stay there until no later then 8 PM.

     Movie start times will vary.  Please plan ahead and feel free to discuss what you would enjoy seeing and when would be the best time to leave the venue.

     The cost of this event will be:  FREE. 

     Please assist the Group in growing in members by mentioning our events to others;  there is no need to use a link,  simply use the name of the Group.

August Event.

Are You Game?

08/14/2018 will be the date for this event.  This is a Tuesday evening.

     The Group will meet for an evenings entertainment playing board games,  or similar games,  that they have brought with them.   Feel free to purchase a new game,  bring an old favorite or to simply join the others attending the event.

     Old,  and new,  favorite will be found at the event;  bring along a deck of cards,  checkers,  chess and more complicated games.  An ideal game will take no more then thirty minute (30) to an hour (60) to complete.

      The Cost for this event will be: $5 for Members and $10 for nonmembers.

     Be certain to RSVP for it at the top of this page and to send payment at the bottom of this page.

      You can ask questions at the bottom of the Join Us page.

     A good sized coffee venue or possible wine bar will be the location located somewhere in the Hillcrest or Normal Heights area.

     Thank you for reading this event posting.

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04/07/2018 as updated on 07/06/2018, 07/09/2018, 07/12/2018.

Venue Details to follow shortly ...

Stay posted for more details pertaining to the venue,  date and time.


Septembers Event.

Networking With Us.

     The date for this event will be Tuesday the 4th of September from 6pm to 9 pm.

     This will be an upscale networking function for you to attend.  Dress will be no less then "Dressy+Causal" and table options will also be included for those who wish to sit with those who attend to better discuss their services.


     The Group is open to reviewing your "swag" before you hand it;  if you are able to mail a sample(s) to us please do so well before the event.

     If you wish to speak,  to the those who are attending the event please contact us with the RSVP feature at the top of this page.

     Please use the "RSVP to an event" feature to purchase a table as well;  details will be sent to you.

     The cost to attend this event will be:  $15 for a Member and $20 for a non-mmeber / at-the-door-cost.

     Payments at the bottom of this page should be paid at the time of your RSVP.

     You can also use this link to send payments to: Pay for the Event.

      Thank You for reading this posting.

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Venue Details will be forthcoming ...

     As the event draws nearer additional information will be given out;  this will be a paid for event.

How Well Do You Appear on Your Business Card?

How Important is Your Information?

     If you have business cards,  or other such items,  you want those that you provide them to be able to use the information correctly.  Keep in mind that what you have on a given publication,  linking back to you business, needs to be useful,  helpful,  correct and for those who have them to link your name,  or logo,  to your industry.  

     Your name,  a means to contact you as well as a bit about your business,  services and/or goods,  needs to stand out.  You should only provide business related information,  not personal information.  This can cause conflicts should you provide said information to the wrong,  or to many,  sources.  

     As such keep in mind that business sources should contain the name of the business,  not free email systems.  A good business contact has their domain name,  or business name,  within their email addresses.  You should also know the difference between a .com,  .org and .net.  Each must adhere to a given set of rules and regulations.

     If a link is used make sure that it is not "code-shortening";  a website link should be complete,  not simply the name of it as well as "dot" something.  The use of "Upper" and "lower" Case Letters within it is important to avoid;  the use of lowercase letters is the correct means to communicate this information to those who use it.

     The use of the front,  back and card stock paper is suggested as well.  Colors,  graphics and a slogan are also a good means to convey a bit about the sources of the business.  Keep in mind that you should be able to be able to use the same card for a length of time without having to adjust the information therein.

     Thank you for reading this post.

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Septembers Event

Farmers Market ...

     The date for this event will be 09/16/2018;  this is a Sunday.

 The Group will be attending a Farmers Market somewhere in San Diego County;  research will be done to find an excellent Farmers Market for our enjoyment.  Please stay tuned for more details as the Event draws closer.

Thank You For Reading This Post.


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Octobers Event

Book Club!


       Octobers Event will be a Book Club. Please feel free to begin to make suggestions via the RSVP  feature located at the top of this page.   

     The date will be 10/07/2018,  which is a Sunday.  

     Please be sure that any book that you might want to suggest is in both paperback,  hardback and audio forms;  this will allow for later RSVP's to the event.

     The cost of this event will be:  $5 for Members and $7 for nonmembers. 

     Additional details will follow.

     Thank You for reading this post.

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Novembers Event

Our "Networking With Us" event for this month will be on: 11/06/2018

    This event will be from 6pm to 9 pm.

     The venue,  as well as additional details,  will be posted as the event draws near.

     If you want to speak at the event,  or to purchase a table,  please us the "RSVP" feature at the top of this page;  payments can be sent by using the "Payment" feature at the bottom of this page. 

     The cost for this event will be:  $15 for Members and $20 for nonmembers or at-the-door-price.

    Additional details will follow shortly.

Thank You For Reading This Post.

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Decembers Event

Newly Released: Movie Night!

     The first Sunday in December will be Movie Night;  10/02/2018.  

     This will be a meet,  greet and eat event prior to the actual movie that you decide to see with the group.  This portion of the event will occur from 5 pm to 7 pm;  Please decide what you want to see before attending the event itself.  

Additional details will follow.

     The mission of this event will be for you not to go completely valley on the Group.  When you are facing the movie venue walk to your right;  this will lead you to the targeted venue for meeting at prior to the movie.  Walk until you are in the outback of that location.  Meet the with the other Members therein.

     Thank you for reading this posting.

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Accepting payment at the event slows down the check in process

     Thank you for making your payment online for any given event.  It should be noted that accepting funds of any type at the Event will require paperwork to be processed. If possible please make your payment(s) prior to attending said event(s) with the Group


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  Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

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POB 210692, Chula Vista, CA 91921-0692, US

(619) 569-2117