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Join our group in order to enjoy multiple events throughout the year;  networking,  mixers, dinning, entertainment and more! 

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     If you are a social,  interactive and somewhat interesting person we want you,  so join us at an event!

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The purpose of this group is to meet others who have a similar interest,  like to do the same types of activities and to have something to do with new individuals.  Be sure to bring along a great attitude,  be up on currents events and to hold a conversation with those at the event.

Help us to meet new people ...

If you want to have the best time possible share these events with other that you might want to have at an event;  feel free to use your tokens if you so desire.  The long term goal is to be able to have a great time with everyone that you can meet doing activities that you enjoy.

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Please contact us in written form; communication is key in working with this group on every possible level.  The goal is to be as social as possible, meet others in a calm,  relaxed setting and to enjoy the event(s) that you attend. With multiple events coming to you every year you should have no trouble in finding several to RSVP. Please be sure to make a note of each and arrive on time,  or as close to it as possible. Your host will greet you but you need to interact with others & have fun ,-)

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     To find out the location(s) of our next event(s) please join our group. ;-)

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