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     The purpose of this site will be for you to join others at physical Events in order to enjoy said Event,  venue(s),  activity(ies),  form of media,  location(s),  holiday gatherings and networking functions.  As such it is understood that you have joined this site in order to do so;  you will be required to check the site from time to time in order to review the forthcoming posted Events.  

These costs will cover the costs for the Event host to  obtain locations,  working out details with those involved with such,  the cost of maintaining this site  physically and digitally,  the payment of a wage to those who are working for the benefit of the Group(s) and any other such related costs.   


Join us at events for as little as $48 a year and a low cost for some of the events.

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Their are several Groups for you to join;  each will have a different email for communications.





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The purpose of these Group(s) is to meet others who have a similar interest,  like to do the same types of activities and to have something to do with new individuals.  Be sure to bring along a great attitude,  be up on currents events and to hold a conversation with those at the event. Join our Group(s)! 

Help us to meet new people ...

If you want to have the best time possible share these events with other that you might want to have at an event;  feel free to use your tokens if you so desire.  The long term goal is to be able to have a great time with everyone that you can meet doing activities that you enjoy.

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POB 210692, Chula Vista, CA 91921-0692, US

(619) 569-2117

Benefits to Joining ....


Please contact the Group in written form ...

     Since we do not seek any form of “digital communications” from you we will have to preform communications in written form(s).  You may also approach an event host with any,  and every,   possible concern,  but physical documentation will also be required as well in order to resolve any such concern(s).

     The address for you to correspond with us is:

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Post Office Box 210692

Chula Vista, California 91921-0692


     The average length of time to respond may take as long as fourteen (14) days time.  A written reply will be sent out,  and retained,  in regards to every such matter,  issue,  concern or comment of note.  Most issues may be put to rest within ninety (90) days time.  Issues that concern the actions,  deeds and/or interactions with an employee from a venue,  business,  location or other such Event should be addressed to our Group and to said third party source;  the Group also requests a copy of such documentations as well.

     Any issues,  matters or concerns with a Member should be brought to the attention of the event host and physical documentation sent unto the address listed above.   The goal for each and every Member is to maintain a friendly,  professional and social attitude at any given function,  meeting,  event or other form of individual interaction(s);  please also be sure to read our Code of Conduct agreement on the Member Page of this site as well.

Thank You For Reading This Page.

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