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Welcome to our site ...

     The purpose of this site will be for you to join others at physical Events in order to enjoy said Event,  venue(s),  activity(ies),  form of media,  location(s),  holiday gatherings and networking functions.  As such it is understood that you have joined this site in order to do so;  you will be required to check the site from time to time in order to review the forthcoming posted Events.  A fee will be charged for you to join this Group;  $36 for a year’s time.

     The date that the membership will be good for will be July the 11th of each year.  You will be charged $3 less per month that you are not a member. 


August is $33 

September will be $30  

October will be $27

November will be $24  

December will be $21  

January will be $18  

February will be $15  

March will $12 

April  will be a month for you to renew,  or join,  and earn 3 additional months for $36 with an annual renewal date of $36.  

     These costs will cover the costs for the Event host to  obtain locations,  working out details with those involved with such,  the cost of maintaining this Group digitally,  the payment of a wage to those who are working for the benefit of the Group and any other such related costs.   

     In addition to this a fee will also be attached to the Events posted herein.  Free, $5, $10, $15 or $20;  other prices may also be worked in,  as needed.  

     *** We do not ****  ask for you to further join any other form of social media platform(s).  We will be using a "Events" email list in order to keep in touch with you.   Our "Events with us!" page will be visible to those online.  You will be able to RSVP,  and to make any payments to Events,  at the top and bottom of said page.

     This Group will not be texting with you,  or chatting online;  the Group will leave it up to you to attend an Event.  Reminders will be sent to you as fer times as possible;  normally two (2) prior to it and then twenty-four (24) to fourty-eight (48) before the start of the Event.  

     This site is meant for you to attend Events throughout the year with others.  The Deals page is meant for you to take advantage of locations,  goods and services with those who wish to work with this Group as well as towards maintaining and improving their existing clients,  customers and so forth.  It may also contain useful bits of information to use,  or to become better informed of.  

Thank You For Reading This Page.

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Update on 03/20/2018;  updated on 04/06/2018; 07/09/2018.

About Us

Join our group!

     If you are a social,  interactive and somewhat interesting person we want you,  so join us at an event!

Attend our EVents!

The purpose of this group is to meet others who have a similar interest,  like to do the same types of activities and to have something to do with new individuals.  Be sure to bring along a great attitude,  be up on currents events and to hold a conversation with those at the event. Join our Group! in San Diego Go To Events Now in San Diego san diego events

Help us to meet new people ...

If you want to have the best time possible share these events with other that you might want to have at an event;  feel free to use your tokens if you so desire.  The long term goal is to be able to have a great time with everyone that you can meet doing activities that you enjoy.

Do You Have Questions Before Joining the Group?

Please use the feature below to ask any questions before joining the Group or an Event with the Group.


Current issues with the online payment feature with this link;  sorry.

This matter is being addressed with every possible source that can be contacted in regards to ensuring that it is fixed in a timely,  morally and ethically correct fashion.

04/07/2018; 07/23/2018.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Contact Us To Become a Memerber ;-)

Become A Member With this feature.

Better yet, see us in person!

     Currently,  until 08/11/2018,  the cost to join our gr Group will be $36 until 07/11/2019 of next year.  Each month the cost will be reduced by $3.  Should you have a "reduced-rate-code", which is *not* "code-shortening", you may use it for the rate sated within said form of communication to you; feel free to share it herein.

Please frequently review the site for new events,  bits-of-information and the like.

The Group is looking forward to meeting you at an event soon.

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POB 210692, Chula Vista, CA 91921-0692, US

(619) 569-2117

Join Us at an event sometime soon!

     To find out the location(s) of our next event(s) please join our group. ;-)

Benefits to Joining ....

What we offer you, our Members ...

     If you decide to become a Member of our Group you will be given access to our site for the length of time that you joined.   As a Member the focus will be for you to join us at as many different physical Events throughout the year as you are able to.   As such you will be required to appear at them,  since the Membership Fee covers the cost of being a Member,  but not the cost of the Event(s) themselves;  several will be free throughout the year. 

     RSVP to an event on the "Events with us!" page. 

  Events will range in cost from FREE, $5,  $10,  $15 or $20 each;  a guest may be included at the same rate;  you will be given two (2) Tokens per year that you may use for a FREE Event up to a  $10 value or to have a guest attend for free up to that amount.  

***  Other costs for Events may also arise.  ***

     The Events themselves will also have a fee;  if you will be joining the Group for a dining out event you will be required to pay for your meal as well as other such costs.  The Events will be geared to work with the venue(s).  Attempts will be made in order to include a package deal that includes tax and tips for everyone’s convenience.  

     Please be sure to thank the venue(s) and  location(s) as well as those who are serving you;  be sure to tip them when it is the norm to do so.


     It is agreed by every Member that they will abide by the following Code of Conduct if they do decide to Join the Group as a Member and at an Event;  this also applies to a Guest(s) of a  Members as well:

     You will be well spoken;  respectful of those about you and engage in dialogue that is none offensive.  You will also maintain a positive body language and not seek to offend those at the event(s),  venue(s),  location(s) nor the event host(s) themselves.  You will be held accountable by those about you and to whom you interact with.

     It should be noted,  herein,  that Go To Events Now accept no liabilities for the actions,  deeds,  verbal exchanges or confrontations that may arise at any given Event(s).  We will not be  held liable for any accidents,  forms of harm nor other such negative instances that were not caused directly by this Group;  this includes traveling to and from said Event(s) as well as consumption of any form of edible.

Thank You For Reading This Page.

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Updated on 04/06/2018.

Please contact the Group in written form ...

     Since we do not seek any form of “digital communications” from you we will have to preform communications in written form(s).  You may also approach an event host with any,  and every,   possible concern,  but physical documentation will also be required as well in order to resolve any such concern(s).

     The address for you to correspond with us is:

Go To Events Now

Post Office Box 210692

Chula Vista, California 91921-0692


     The average length of time to respond may take as long as fourteen (14) days time.  A written reply will be sent out,  and retained,  in regards to every such matter,  issue,  concern or comment of note.  Most issues may be put to rest within ninety (90) days time.  Issues that concern the actions,  deeds and/or interactions with an employee from a venue,  business,  location or other such Event should be addressed to our Group and to said third party source;  the Group also requests a copy of such documentations as well.

     Any issues,  matters or concerns with a Member should be brought to the attention of the event host and physical documentation sent unto the address listed above.   The goal for each and every Member is to maintain a friendly,  professional and social attitude at any given function,  meeting,  event or other form of individual interaction(s);  please also be sure to read our Code of Conduct agreement on the Member Page of this site as well.

Thank You For Reading This Page.

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Our First Event Will be in July of 2018!

     With the focus of this Group being to gathering social,  friendly and fun people together to join each other at live events locally we hope that you will consider attending our first dinning out event.  The details will be posted shortly,  but be ready to enjoy the Group for an enjoyable burger,  drinks and venue somewhere within our fair city.

     Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thank you for reading this post,


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